kids & adult competitive archery clubs

  • To join our competitive team, individuals must  become a member of USA Olympic Archery & pay the $10 per visit fee to Anchor Point Archery, LLC. Club equipment can still be used for a little while once starting this level of archery. 
    Each archer will eventually want to get their own equipment. We are more than happy to help guide you to good choices of equipment according to what your budget will allow. Please note: we are not bow technicians and do not supply accessories if your personal equipment is damaged or needs adjustments.We are happy to recommend a reputable bow shop in the area.
  • *** Registration fees, travel arrangements, etc. is at the cost of the archer & his/her family. *** 
    Archers are not required to participate in competitions but we do strongly encourage them to enjoy the experience. There are 2 main JOAD events each year. AZ state Indoor & AZ state Outdoor JOAD tournaments. One is held usually right after the New Year, that one is indoor. The other event is usually the last weekend in April. Both events are held at Ben Avery Shooting Range in North Phoenix. To compete in a tournament, each archer must have their own arrows, arm guard, finger guard & quiver. There are many events happening around the valley for archers to participate in, some specifically for youth, adults & senior adult catagories.