Private Lessons Private Lessons

Private Lessons offered outside of Community classes. Private, small group, large group & events.

* Prices may be changed at the beginning of each New Year.

Private lessons
  • Parent and Child or Couple
Small group
  • 1-5 people (family size)
Large group
  • 1-20 people

SPECIAL EVENTS with extra safety measures

When working with large crowds or an area where there is inadequate space to shoot traditional arrows, schools, carnival settings or other venues who are specifically concerned on SAFETY, we do have foamed tipped arrows. It is like having a giant marshmallow on a stick! This type of arrow is VERY SAFE. They don’t hurt if you get hit & they will not cause damage to the property. Foamed tipped arrows travel the maximum of 20 ft, typically. The bows we use are the same as we use for lessons. This is a GREAT way for individuals to get to try a sport they might never have tried otherwise. This is how I like to work with schools, it gets the bows in the hands of the kids and the results are almost immediate. All it takes is “1 shot” to get someone excited about a sport they can do. Another game that can be played with these foam tipped arrows is ARCHERY TAG. It is similar to paintball, where you hide behind large obstacles & try to hit your opponents. Very fun activity!